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William L Sandoval was born on 23 January 1923.

His father was Joseph Sandoval.

 His mother was Carmen Sandoval. She deceased at the age of 36.


William grew up together with 7 brothers and 3 sisters.

His brothers were Ruben, Harry, Oscar, Charles, Alphonse, Moises en Fred.

His sisters were Rufina, Valencia en Mary.

William is on the left with his arms crossed .



This are Harry en Rufina, brother and sister of William.


William did 4 years of high school and in this time he also was a Golden Gloves Boxer. According his brother Harry he was good enough to be a proffesional boxer. Unfortunally William never had the change.

The Sandoval family grew up in utter poverty with all the children working in the farm fields from sun up to sun down with very poor living conditions. They lived in a wagon and even lived in a railroad boxcar.

William entered the Army:

His enlistment date was February 16 1943.

Enlistmentplace was Peoria, Illinois.

His rank was Private and his army serialnumber was 13066977.

He received his training at Fort Benning, Georgia, were he also recieved his Paratrooper Wing.

Picture of William at Fort Benning, Georgia.

During his service he also came home on leave, below is a picture of William in his home street:

Here William is home on leave, he's shaking hands with Tom Cervantes.


Pvt William L Sandoval jumped into Anzio, Sicily and the Netherlands, Market Garden.

There is one picture available of William when he was in Africa.

A picture of William and his comrades in Africa. 

Then Market Garden.

William jumped into Market Garden and then came that patrol.

06 October 1944

The F. Co patrol take place at the North of the Wylermeer along a dike called the Querdamm.

On the Northern end of this dike was a small forest as well as a little hamlet called the Thorensche Molen, it is no longer in existence because of its destruction in the war.

These are 2 pictures of how it looks today

It was in this small forest, which was heavily occupied by the German troops, the patrol ran into fierce resistance and the both William L Sandoval and Richard H Gentzel went missing in action

report of patrol


His brothers Harry and Ruben were notified of William his death while serving in the South Pacific Theather of Operations against the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy.


Today William L Sandoval his name is memorialized on the Walls of Missing at the American War Cemetery Margraten in the Netherlands.


After the war the family Sandoval was trying to receive the awards William L sandoval was awarded.

His brother Harry would actually receive them in October 2008, but they were not received untill June 2009. Jim Hixson, nephew of William L sandoval received them in the name of William L Sandoval and the Sandoval family.

The family has placed all the Medals and awards in a frame including the pictures of William L Sandoval.


The Awards are:

Blue Badge: The Combat Infantry Badge

Silver Badge: Parachute "wings"with 3 combat stars

Bronze Star Medal

Purple Heart Medal

Good Conduct Medal

Victory Medal

Africa, Middle East, European Campaign Medal with 3 Battle Stars

Arrowhead Device for Invasion Force.


We thank the Sandoval family. Without them this tribute to William L Sandoval wouldn't be possible.

Pvt William L Sandoval is not adopted by ourselfs. Pvt William L Sandoval was in the same patrol as Pvt Richard H Gentzel and they both got Missing in Action.